Monthly Insights

Analysing trends in the number of listings, listed companies and investment flows

Published: Jun 2021
Mihaela Croitoru, Statistics Database Manager at the WFE, writes about listed companies, IPOs and investment flows
Chris Edmonds and Ashwini Panse

The Importance of 'Skin-in-the-Game' in Managing CCP Risk

Published: Apr 2021
Is there value to a second 'Skin-in-the-Game'? Would raising it lead to more prudent Initial Margin Models? ICE's Chris Edmonds (Global Head of Clearing & Risk) and Ashwini Panse (Chief Risk Officer, North American Clearing Houses) give their views on the current CCP hot topics.
Urs Rüegsegger

Derivatives & Society: Governing Risk in the Post-Pandemic Era

Published: Apr 2021
WFE Chairman Urs Rüegsegger highlighted the challenges that lie ahead for derivatives markets In his keynote address at the recent Clearing & Derivatives Conference.
John McPartland

Challenging Skin in the Game

Published: Apr 2021
Are the arguments for more skin in the game valid? John McPartland, Director of Research at Hidden Road Partners LP thinks not.
Dawn DeBerry Stump

Clearing Up a Few Things About Clearing

Published: Apr 2021
As derivatives markets look toward a post-pandemic era, Dawn DeBerry Stump, Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, discusses the importance of education and collaboration in emerging stronger from the crisis.
John P. Davidson

The Economics of Central Clearing; a commentary

Published: Apr 2021
Closer collaboration among CCP practitioners and academic finance and economic faculty is a good thing. Suitably anonymised data upon which detailed analysis can be performed will enable a better understanding of the role of CCPs in modern financial markets, writes John P. Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)
Pedro Gurrola

WFE Clearing & Derivatives Conference 2021 sets new benchmarks

Published: Apr 2021
The growing dialogue between academia, policymakers, and the post-trade industry can only work to the benefit of all sides, particularly as complex questions around issues such as market liquidity and procyclicality gain traction, writes WFE’s Head of Research, Pedro Gurrola.