Egyptian Exchange: Getting the word out through social media

By: Dr Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman, The Egyptian Exchange Sep 2020

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) considers financial awareness one of the main pillars of market sustainability. To enhance this, marketing and financial awareness activities were developed by adopting the value-chain scheme to develop the supply and demand sides using various means of awareness. Recently, the activities were expanded to attract new investors as well as new products and listed companies.

EGX management developed an inclusive strategy to enhance the financial culture of the community based on a detailed study including several axes:

1. University student training.

2. Corporate employee training.

3. Developing EGX social media platforms and website. 

4. Launching a 360° media campaign.

5. Producing a 13-episode cartoon series called "Sherif and his Colleagues".

Lectures were given to participants of the Presidential Programme for Youth training, as well as participation in the Book Fair and RISE UP Summit to support entrepreneurs.

University student training

EGX believes that the future lies with young people and that to avoid phenomenon of the uninformed investor, it’s necessary to educate them. Thus, an up-to-date educational programme designed especially for university students has been offered since 2019 at Badr University and Alexandria University. About 800 students participated in the programme in both universities, in addition to 3,000 students in different universities all over the Egyptian governorates. Moreover, EGX welcomed about 320 students through eight one-day training sessions at the exchange to illustrate the basics of investment. Additionally, more than 80 educational short visits were provided to about 2,000 students from various universities from all over the governorates informing them about EGX history and to teach the basics of investment.

EGX also signed two memoranda of understanding, one with Alexandria and Mansoura Universities and the other with El Sewedy Education Foundation, which is a hub of the UK’s Coventry University. These memoranda aim to spread and enhance financial culture, investment and various aspects of saving among the new generations of students who will be enrolled in Coventry University’s branch to be established in the New Administrative Capital. EGX continues its efforts to spread its university programmes. EGX is currently discussing with the Grand Imam of AlAzhar to apply the EGX educational scheme prepared for AlAzhar University students.

Corporate employee training

On the institutional front, EGX visited 16 companies in the presence of about 320 employees to spread awareness about investment in the stock exchange and to inform them about how they can save incrementally through the stock exchange.

Developing EGX social media platforms

Expanding its communication channels, EGX developed social media platforms to efficiently serve its goals in spreading financial awareness, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, online educational sessions “EGX EDUCATIONAL” as well as listed company CEO videos, “EGX Talks”, were published on EGX platforms.

Some 19 videos were published on the page where the chairman and team presented 10 videos categorized as “EGX EDUCATIONAL”, while the team interviewed nine chairmen and CEOs of listed companies and published these videos “EGX talks” on the social media platforms. Through these videos, EGX aims to educate participants and show them the listed companies that are close to their daily needs, hopefully raising their interest in the real trading experience. Each of these videos reached around 5,000 social media participants. Moreover, a competition was held for the 55,000 Facebook page participants and prizes were presented to encourage participants to investigate investment in the stock exchange and to promote real investment on EGX platform. 

The website was also developed to be interactive to meet the needs of market participants.

Launching a 360 media campaign

EGX commenced this year with a 360° media campaign for the first time in more 20 years, conveying informative messages about the nature of investment on the stock exchange and encouraging the target audience to invest on the EGX platform. The Call Centre was also launched to serve the targeted community and to answer all their queries. This call centre received 4,000 calls from 22 governorates.

Producing the 13-episode cartoon series “Sherif and his Colleagues”

EGX also expanded its means of delivering educational messages using a vibrant new approach. The 13-episode animated series was produced to elaborate various trading mechanisms targeting investors and encouraging companies to list.

Cairo International Book Fair & RISE UP Summit

Furthermore, EGX participated for the first time in the Cairo International Book Fair that attracts around 1.5 million visitors, including attendees from many elements of the community. EGX management is keen to reach the small investors who have inaccurate perceptions about investment in the stock market and aims to clarify the means and tools that would serve their needs through incremental saving.

2019 was concluded by participating in the RiseUp Summit that is held for the entire SME sector, from start-ups to more established firms. This event is unique and keenly awaited – it draws around 5,000 participants annually. EGX aimed at explaining to the participants the role of EGX as a means of investment as well its role as a financing tool.

Presenting lectures for the Presidential Programme for Youth training:

An MoU with the Presidential Programme for Youth training includes the presentation of lectures highlighting the role of the Stock Exchange in the economy and how to invest and save incrementally. There were four lectures which attracted 50 participants.