Muscat: Charting the future of investment

By: The WFE Focus Team Dec 2021

Name: Haitham Al Salmi

Title: CEO, Muscat Stock Exchange

The pandemic has brought many changes to the way we work. In your view, what changes are here to stay that will shape the workplace of the future? 

The world has seen many changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic over the last two years, especially in the corporate world. Likewise, the capital market industry has had to adapt to changing trends and a new wave of EOB (Ease of Business) activities in the market, whether it be the digitisation of market platforms, introduction of a new range of digital assets, as well as E-IPOs and E-AGMs and EGMs.

The most important of these changes was the realisation that business can survive, in fact even thrive, if it is allowed to deviate from traditional ways and adopt more sustainable approaches such as allowing e-commerce to help maintain business continuity, and to have better contingencies in place. These approaches will remain key to running sustainable businesses in all industries across the globe from now on.

What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities for your exchange in the year ahead? 

Muscat Stock Exchange has for a long time dealt with the challenges of a lack of liquidity and diversity in the market. However, under the supreme leadership of HM Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq and his renewed Vision 2040 – along with the new MSX BoD and Executive team – we have pledged to strengthen the current market infrastructure by introducing new capital market instruments. We have also developed strategies to create lucrative investment opportunities for market participants in order to help them achieve sustainable capital growth.

What was your most memorable moment this year as a leader?

The transformation of the Omani Stock Exchange from a government entity into a private company with the freedom to adopt an independent legislative structure, as well as being appointed as the head of this initiative as the CEO of MSX, will remain the most memorable events this year for me.

What are three key industry themes you will be focused on in 2022?

As mentioned, the digitisation of the market platform and associated assets, along with ESG & EOB initiatives, will remain the key industry themes at MSX in 2022.

Tell us one thing that will change in 2022 and one thing that won’t?

MSX is currently going through a major transformation phase, thus there are many changes still to be incorporated in the market to make our exchange a more profitable platform for our investors. However, the commitment to growth and learning to serve our stakeholders with the best the market has to offer shall remain unchanged.


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