Singapore Exchange's Bull Charge goes virtual

By: Chew Sutat, Head of Global Sales & Origination and SGX Bull Charge Chairman, Singapore Exchange Jul 2020

SGX Bull Charge is the flagship charity initiative of Singapore Exchange (SGX). With COVID-19 upending traditional ways of fundraising around the world, the programme’s popular annual Charity Run has been transformed into a two-week virtual fundraiser to prioritise the well-being of participants as they go the extra mile for a good cause.

The 17th annual SGX Bull Charge Charity Run is going virtual this year, enabling the global financial community to continue to raise funds for and engage with beneficiaries.

Open to runners from all around the world, the event will be held from 30 October to 13 November, kicking off with a virtual Chief Challenge involving CEOs and chiefs of companies.

Collective 100,000km

Participants in the Mass Run will each go at their own pace and space, with the aim of achieving a collective distance of 100,000 km to form a “charging bull” symbol (more information can be found at

SGX will match contributions dollar for dollar up to S$1 million and donate a further S$5 for every kilometre completed, up to 100,000 km.

As the global COVID-19 situation looks to be a prolonged one, SGX is stepping up efforts to support beneficiaries through the crisis and beyond.

In March, the exchange rolled out a S$5 million SGX Care Package to provide support and relief measures amid COVID-19, of which S$1.5 million was disbursed to aid and encourage frontline workers at Singapore’s healthcare-support programmes by providing them with hot meals and wellness packs.

The funds will also assist vulnerable seniors affected by the pandemic, as well as cover SGX Bull Charge beneficiaries for expenses such as the purchase of thermal scanners, surgical masks, hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

More than half of SGX’s staff recently took part in an internal donation drive for the Singapore government’s The Courage Fund, which was established in 2003 when the city-state was hit by the SARS outbreak.

Vulnerable seniors

Since 2004, SGX Bull Charge has rallied Singapore’s financial community and listed companies to raise more than S$39 million for over 50 charities. Partnering the Community Chest, all proceeds this year will be channeled to the chosen beneficiaries: Autism Association (Singapore), AWWA Ltd., Fei Yue Community Services, HCSA Community Services and Shared Services for Charities.

AWWA, which seeks to empower people with disabilities, families and vulnerable seniors, has benefited from the support of corporate sponsors. The organisation was able to build an Adult Disability Home, a second AWWA School, a Transitional Shelter and a second Dementia Day Care Centre.

Given the challenges the world is facing today, it has become even more important for us to look after each other.

We are excited to rally the financial community in new ways to raise funds for our beneficiaries. Over the years, they have come to rely on our corporate sponsors and partners and we are confident that our collective efforts can support them through this period.