A Whole Week of Educating Content

By: Andrea Weidemann, Director, Swiss Finance Museum Oct 2022

To mark World Investor Week, SIX and the Swiss Finance Museum has planned a wide range of measures to promote financial literacy among the general public. Over the span of seven days, there will always be something new to be learned on the Social Media channels of SIX.

Financial Literacy is a topic of utmost importance to SIX. In its ESG strategy, SIX has defined the promotion of financial literacy among the general public as crucial goal. But it’s not like SIX has just started with this. For years, the company has made it its mission to educate people about financial literacy. With several initiatives and the Swiss Finance Museum based in the headquarters of SIX in Zurich, the company aims to further advance in this regard.

Therefore, SIX has of course planned some measures on the occasion of the World Investor Week. For seven days straight, SIX will post educational content on all its social media channels. The content aims to introduce beginners to the world of finance and investing. To kick things off, a trainer from Instituto BME (the training center of the Spanish stock exchange, which belongs to SIX), will explain the key concepts of investing in a simple manner. In the days after, more content will follow.

SIX and the Swiss Finance Museum will also work together with several “finfluencers” in order to explain certain topics about investing. For example: Olga Miller, a Swiss finance blogger, will explain why it makes sense for everyone to start investing in a live video on Instagram. SIX will also work with Mara Harvey, who wrote a book about how parents can teach their children to handle money, or Finanzfabio, another Swiss finance blogger, who is going to explain the topic of saving up for retirement. Last but not least, SIX also gave some of its young talents a chance to participate in the production of the content.

Over the seven days of the World Investor Week, there will always be something new to be learned on the social media channels of SIX. The content will be very diverse and therefore suitable for all age groups. And there are even prizes to be won. So stay tuned and follow SIX and the Swiss Finance Museum on social media to not miss out on anything!


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