Stock Exchanges can join Global Money Week, 12–18 March 2018

By: The WFE Focus Team Feb 2018

Global Money Week, a CYFI initiative, is an annual money awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship.


GMW2017 reached over 7.8 million children and youth through more than 72,000 activities coordinated by 23,700 organizations in 137 countries. The Week is supported and endorsed by OECD, African Union Commission, UNICEF, mastercard, European Union and many others.

The 7th edition of Global Money Week (GMW) will take place from 12 – 18 March 2018. The theme of GMW2018 is ‘Money Matters Matter.’

Numerous events and activities take place during GMW, e.g. visits to parliaments, stock exchanges, money museums, banks and other financial institutions. You can see other inspiring activity ideas here.

Visits to stock exchanges offer a valuable opportunity for children and youth to learn about money matters, the history of money, currencies and gain a better understanding of how stock exchanges work.

You can be part of the ‘Ring Around the World’ initiative by inviting children and youth to ring the opening or closing bell at the stock exchange. Last year, 57 stock exchanges participated in GMW2017. Find out how to take part in this year’s GMW campaign here.

For more information see GMW website or contact us at [email protected]