Taipei Exchange’s Efforts on Financial Literacy

By: Edith Lee, Managing Director & CEO, Taipei Exchange Oct 2022

Taipei Exchange’s multi-tiered markets have attracted local retail investors’ interest in Taiwan SMEs and innovative companies for a long time. Nowadays, retail investors’ trading accounts for about 75% of all stakeholders.

Therefore, TPEx values financial literacy as a very important issue and endeavors to do its utmost to improve financial education through publicity activities and courses, quiz and contest, interactive online games, and social media. The goal is to advance investors' investment knowledge and enhance their awareness of risk control.

Additionally, TPEx also has committed to promote financial literacy to college students. We used to conduct campus touring and host the “Financial Elite Camp” every year to increase the understanding of securities trading and investment risk.

After the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, we moved to virtual literacy activities instead and created a one-stop website called “Learning Investment from Home” to provide easy access to information. The response from students and young investors was surprisingly good. Going virtual let us break through the physical limitations and expand the education to wider young generation.

Recently, we have worked on countering financial scams as part of a new financial education strategy. Based on young peoples’ online scrolling habits, we used Facebook, IG, Podcast and YouTube video clips to increase investors’ awareness of financial fraud.

Anti-Scam Quiz Website


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