Taiwan Stock Exchange: Educating for when kids become pensioners

By: The WFE Focus Team Sep 2020

The 2020 World Investor Week (WIW) will take place from October 5 to 11. This global event aims to promote the education and protection of investors and in response, the Taiwan Stock Exchange(TWSE)will join the WFE's “Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy” initiative and hold an opening bell ceremony on October 5. Alongside the bell ringing, TWSE will hold a series of publicity activities to raise public awareness.

At present, among Taiwan’s total population of 23.5 million people, 11 million have opened securities trading accounts and 2.3 million have been trading regularly. The current promotion and marketing strategies of TWSE are divided into the two aspects of general investor education and on-campus cultivation as follows:

1. General investor education

  • Investing in the future series - community college lectures: the concepts and risks of investment and financial management are conveyed to the public by professional lecturers, financial experts and scholars in a relaxed and lively way. This year marks the 13th consecutive event promoting financial knowledge in community colleges across the country.
  • Online game for prizes: this activity for learning securities investment knowledge online is open to all citizens, and the participants have the opportunity to win prizes. It has become one of the most anticipated activities in the years since its launch and generates enthusiastic participation.
  •  Securities knowledge promotion comics: reversing the traditional rigid stereotype of securities investment knowledge, TWSE presents securities investment concepts in the form of comics. Loved by young people, this is the 16th volume since its first publication in 2008 and e-books are also released for the public to browse and download freely.
  • Investor knowledge network: a dedicated educational website for investors was established in 2013 for novice investors in the securities market and e-DM is used to notify the members of various knowledge network activities and information. Currently the number of views has exceeded 960,000 and there are more than 25,000 members.

2. On-campus cultivation

  • Visiting service for schools: Schools can apply to TWSE to arrange professional lecturers to teach core business courses and investment risk concepts for establishing an accurate concept of financial investment.
  • Videos of securities knowledge for remote teaching: in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, new online videos are available on WebPro 3.0 at https://webpro.twse.com.tw/webportal/schedule/. Since the launch on March 20 this year, they have received an enthusiastic response and the participation of 44 schools, 140 teachers and about 8,000 students.
  • Campus Securities Investment Wisdom King: The contest is held to enhance university and college students’ understanding of the securities market through fun and exciting quiz games.
  • National securities knowledge training camp for teachers: in order to cultivate financial knowledge education on campus, teachers from urban to rural areas serve as seeds to promote financial knowledge.

The TWSE continues to use new digital tools, new methods and new ideas to integrate into the student community and the general public through various lectures and activities, interaction, sharing and exchanges, and its efforts to change have won praise and feedback from all walks of life.

Through cooperation with campus, community, media and industry, efforts are made in a step-by-step, steady and innovative manner to meticulously promote securities knowledge to achieve the purpose of promoting inclusive finance for all.