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Baymarkets and Clara

Baymarkets owns and provides the Clara clearing system. Baymarkets is an independent financial technology provider to the global financial market, specializing in clearing systems for CCPs and exchanges.

Baymarkets has extensive experience from working with multiple asset classes, both cash and derivatives including commodities, equities, FX, and fixed income products. Baymarkets is providing the Clara clearing system in full and in some cases modules of the system. 

The Baymarkets team are a group of clearing house experts covering all aspects of operating, developing, supporting and implementing clearing systems. We have a total of more than 100 years of clearing experience in the company.

The Baymarkets board consists of international clearing, and financial technology experts.

Baymarkets proprietary, full-service Clara Clearing system features unique CCP interoperability, advanced risk management algorithms and standardised APIs for ease of integration and connectivity to global financial markets and participants (banks, clients, CSDs etc). 

The way we work is in very close cooperation with our clients. We understand clearing and what our client needs to succeed in their business. With an agile methodology we can deliver solutions in a short time and with accuracy towards the requirements.

Clara has been in operation for cash products since 2010 and since 2014 for derivatives. 

Regulatory acknowledgments

The Clara clearing system is together with our clients PFMI and IOSCO conformant and approved by the regulators of: EU, the UK, Switzerland, and Norway.

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