Celebrating 150 years – and a vision for the future

By: James Miller, Chairman, NZX Limited Oct 2019

During the course of the year NZX has been celebrating its 150 year anniversary. The celebrations marking the 150th Anniversary of New Zealand’s Exchange attracted strong support from within the industry and the wider capital markets community – with a series of events throughout the country which had one eye on the past, and another on the future of our capital markets with the release of the report Growing New Zealand’s Capital Markets 2029.

NZX identified the 150th Anniversary as a unique opportunity to bring New Zealand’s markets and people together, and unite everyone behind a common purpose and vision.

Key milestones this year included:

  • Publishing a commemorative book ‘Stories from the Marketplace’, which covers the history of New Zealand’s Exchange, from the late 1880s through to today. From “chalkies” to ex-Prime Ministers, fund managers, brokers, lawyers and regulators, over 100 people gave their experiences and opinions on the events that have impacted the market during that time. The book can be ordered through www.celebratingourexchange.co.nz
  • NZX also hosted a series of 150th events, throughout New Zealand, to bring the wider capital markets industry together and celebrate where we’ve been as well as where we are going. The largest of these events was held in September in Auckland. It was the launch of ‘Stories from the Marketplace’, with more than 600 guests attending and former New Zealand Prime Minister and keynote speaker Sir John Key helping celebrate the exchange.
  • The Capital Markets 2029 report released in September provides a 10-year vision and growth agenda to create more opportunities for Kiwis to grow personal wealth, help New Zealand businesses to prosper, and future-proof the country’s economy. The review was industry-led, with support from Government, and took a broad frame of reference, including a strong focus on the listed market and removing actual or perceived impediments to listing – with input from key stakeholders and organisations across New Zealand, as well as offshore investors.

  • Sir John Key speaking at the 150th Anniversary of NZX 

  • Nasdaq congratulates NZX on 150th anniversary