CEO Letter - June 2017

By: The WFE Team Jun 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the June 2017 issue of Focus, where, among other highlights, we look back at the WFE Working Committee (WoCo), which took place earlier this month. Over 50 participants from 30 exchanges and CCPs around the world met in London to discuss the ongoing work of the WFE, and take decisions on some key focus areas such as DLT and current Statistics Advisory Group (SAG) projects.

An important topic covered in June’s WoCo was how market infrastructures can navigate an increasingly regional world. Following on from that discussion, we are delighted to welcome a contribution from one of the participants, Anne Clayton, Head: Public Policy, Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Anne takes us through why new European regulation is likely to have unintended consequences for emerging market exchanges.

One of the key sessions of the WoCo was a compelling presentation and discussion led by Robert Scharfe, CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange on the increasing appetite for green bonds, within the context of a changing world for green finance, and climate change. In this month’s magazine, he writes about the role of exchanges in facilitating the development of the sustainable finance market. Staying on the theme of sustainability, after the WoCo the WFE co-hosted a moderated round-table discussion with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on effective Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting; we learn about the key takeaways in this issue.

On the side-lines of the WoCo, JSE CEO and WFE Board Director, Nicky Newton-King, gave a video interview to Jim Kharouf, Editor of John Lothian News, where she sets out her exciting vision for the future of the exchange, as well as outlining the current initiatives underway, such as replatforming the derivatives trading technology system.

Finally, to conclude our summary of the WoCo, we have an article by Anton Govor, Head of Strategy, MOEX, following his highly informative breakout session on how financial market infrastructures can leverage opportunities with market data.

This month, the WFE Research Team looks at the number of bonds listed in May 2017, and the capital raised by bonds issuance over the January to May 2017 period.

The key to a successful cyber security management system is to prepare well, and expect attacks and incidents, writes Scott Yang, Cybersecurity Manager, Taiwan Stock Exchange in this issue. And staying with technology, we have a video from DTCC’s Rob Palatnick, Managing Director & Chief Technology Architect where he discusses the key points of DTCC's recently launched cloud computing white paper, and why DTCC believes that cloud computing will transform the IT profile of the industry.

These key technology issues form the backbone of the agenda for our bi-annual WFE Technology Conference (24-26 July, London), with partner Imperial College London. We will be discussing these hot topics and more, including panels on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Spaces are filling up fast, so register here to book your place.

Member registration is now open for 57th WFE General Assembly & Annual Meeting (6-8 September, Bangkok, Thailand), so please do register now. Affiliate registration will open in due course. We thank the Stock Exchange of Thailand for its great hospitality as we gather from around the globe, reminding the world of the value that exchanges and CCPs bring to the real economy; our united commitment to developing markets that are not only fair, orderly and transparent but also a vehicle for sustainable development; and the innovation that our industry collectively nurtures.

Focus will be taking a summer break in July, but we look forward to welcoming you once again in August, where the magazine will review the key learnings from the WFE Technology Conference, as well as look ahead to the General Assembly.

I hope you all have an enjoyable summer.