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Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - November 2022

Published: Nov 2022

Welcome to the November issue of WFE Focus.  

 This month’s edition focuses on three themes raised by the keynote speakers at the WFE’s Annual Meeting in Malta at the end of September.  

 IOSCO Deputy Secretary General Tajinder Singh took a deep dive into how to regulate the crypto-asset sector, IESBA Chairwoman Gabriela Figueiredo Dias addressed sustainability from the perspective of a standard setter for professional accountants and CFTC Commissioner Summer K. Mersinger considers the changing landscape that exchanges and clearinghouses navigate as they work together to serve the real economy...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - October 2022

Published: Oct 2022

Our October issue is devoted to investor protection, financial literacy and financial inclusion: things WFE members believe in very strongly. It’s a subject that has greater resonance as we see increased participation of retail investors in financial markets.

This month, we hear from 16 members, starting with Marek Dietl, President of the Management Board, Warsaw Stock Exchange, who provides an overview of the many programs that the exchange has for educating the country’s population about the investment world.

In Asia, Sherman Lin, Chairman, TWSE, is focused on using financial litera...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - September 2022

Published: Sep 2022

This is our General Assembly & Annual Meeting special edition, our first in person since 2019. We are heading to Malta, hosted by the Malta Stock Exchange.

Ahead of hosting the meeting, Malta Stock Exchange Executive Chairman Joseph Portelli discusses his plans to launch two new business units and ensure long-term sustainable growth.

And looking ahead, the Bermuda Stock Exchange details its work on ESG initiatives and how it will engage with other members to further the goals of the WFE.

Turning to technology, Vermiculus’s Hannes Edvardson discusses how the world’s stock exchanges can improve ...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - August 2022

Published: Aug 2022

Welcome to our August issue.

In our summer edition, we reflect on the first half and look ahead to the trends shaping the next 18 months.

We start with Ed Tilly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cboe Global Markets as well as the WFE’s Chairman. He shares his views on the exchange industry’s vital role in the current global market environment, and why he believes exchanges around the world can continue to lead the charge to define evolving areas like ESG and digital assets.

In Asia-Pacific, Japan Exchange Group CEO Akira Kiyota tells us about three key areas the company is focusing on a...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - June 2022

Published: Jun 2022

Welcome to June. I write from the WFE’s CCP & Derivatives conference which caps a week of member meetings – the first time we have met as a community since January 2020. We are delighted to resume in-person meetings and welcome our members from all over the world again.

Focus this month explores some of the themes raised in these conversations.

Jos Dijsselhof, CEO of SIX Group AG and Chair of the WFE’s Working Committee, the engine of WFE’s policy and education work, shares his views on the role exchanges can play in ESG, raising capital, DeFI and building an infrastructure f...

Nadini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - May 2022

Published: May 2022

Welcome to the May issue of WFE Focus.

In this month’s edition, we look ahead to our CCP & Derivatives Conference at the end of May – our first meeting in person since the pandemic began.

To get us started, both at the conference and in Focus, we have contributions from four of our erudite and knowledgeable speakers.

SIX Head of Clearing & Repo Operations José Manuel Ortiz looks at the implications of extending central clearing to new asset classes amid an industry debate on the path forward.

Dr David Murphy, visiting professor at the London School of Economics, writes of the ways a better mar...

Nadini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - April 2022

Published: Apr 2022

Welcome to the April issue of WFE Focus.

In this month’s edition we feature four stories that highlight how broad, and how innovative, our industry is as we span capital raising, market microstructure, ESG and DLT.

Exchanges and CCPs sit at the centre of capital markets, uniquely positioned at the junction of the financial system, the political system and the real economy.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Head of Sales and Markets Development Lior Navon tells us how TASE took on the challenge of bringing together its leading listed companies and UAE business leaders to begin building a financial br...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - February 2022

Published: Feb 2022

Welcome to the February’s Focus – an edition where we think a lot about IPOs, listings, leadership and the role of our industry in the years to come as the pandemic continues to make us all reflective.

To get us started, Saudi Tadawul Group’s CEO Khalid al Hussan, who recently led the organization through a successful IPO, explains the thinking, the action and how & why this has laid the foundations for an exciting future as the exchange walks the path it more normally supports companies through.

Across the globe, in Canada, the head of another big exchange, TMX CEO John McKenzie, talks about ...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - January 2022

Published: Jan 2022

Welcome to 2022 and our first edition of the year. In January we feature insights from exchange leaders around the world.

The leaders of exchanges in Australia, the Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US talk to us about what lies ahead as the pandemic enters the next phase and our industry, at the heart of capital markets, looks to the future.

Read on for conversations on consolidation, ESG, digitalisation and the future of work with ICE’s Jeff Sprecher, ASX’s Dominic Stevens, BVRM’s Edoh Kossi Amenounve, KASE’s Alina Aldambergen, SIX’s Jos Dijsselhof and Taiwan Stock Exchang...