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Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - June 2024

Published: Jun 2024

Welcome to the June edition of Focus.

To begin the issue, Christopher Buttigieg, chief officer supervision, and Nathan Fenech, deputy head capital markets, at Malta Financial Services Authority, examine the use of consolidated tape in the EU and U.S.

Monique Bell, Commodities Product Manager at ASX, looks at the role financial derivatives could play in helping with decarbonisation plans.

Daria Degtyarenko, senior marketing communications manager of Exactpro, explains how AI-driven testing can lead to higher-quality innovation.

Fredrik Ekström, head of carbon markets at Nasdaq, shares ...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter-May 2024

Published: May 2024

Welcome to the May 2024 issue of WFE Focus. 

In this edition, Cesar Sanchez, Head of Sustainability at B3, discusses the launch of the Brazilian Stock Exchange’s B3 Ações Verdes green offering for equity issuers that aligns with the WFE’s Green Equity Principles.

Elizabeth Coleman, HR Director (Atlantic Region) at SIX, talks about the challenges facing global recruiters in a changing world and how the traditional employer-employee relationship has developed.

Pedro Gurrola-Perez, the WFE's Head of Research, presents a novel measure of initial margin model reactiveness that does not rely on part...

Pedro Gurrola-Perez
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - April 2024

Published: Apr 2024

This month’s CEO letter is written by Pedro Gurrola-Perez, the WFE’s Head of Research .

Welcome to the April 2024 issue of WFE Focus. 

In this edition, we bring you a few highlights from WFEClear 2024, the WFE Clearing and Derivatives conference that took place in Madrid at the end of March, hosted by BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles) and SIX Group. 

At the splendid Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid, industry leaders from central clearing houses (CCPs), academics, regulators and policymakers met to share ideas on the opportunities and challenges we face in central and bilateral clearing. Without...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - March 2024

Published: Mar 2024

Welcome to the WFE’s Women Leaders 2024 edition of Focus. In this fourth year of the WFE initiative, we had 50 great nominations, all shattering the glass ceiling, as our industry put forward leaders from emerging and developed markets from all around the world.

All of the nominees are tremendous and gifted leaders: inspirational, intelligent, hardworking, versatile, compassionate and blessed with determination, perseverance and grit. To all the women who made the list this year—well done. The choices were our toughest ones yet, and to those who didn’t make the final cut – pl...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - February 2024

Published: Feb 2024

Welcome to the February edition of Focus. 

In this month’s issue, BME CEO Javier Hernani highlights some of the seminal issues we'll be discussing at WFEClear in Spain. 

Cboe Head of Market Data & Access Services for Europe Stephen Dorrian and Juan Manuel Olivo Tirado, BMV’s Promotion and Issuers Director, talk about their experiences on the WFE's Market Infrastructure Certificate

Exberry CEO Guy Melamed predicts that we will bear witness to the much-anticipated tipping point for transformation of market infrastructure, and TMX Group explains how its acquisition of the VettaFi indexing and a...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - January 2024

Published: Jan 2024

Welcome to the first edition of Focus in 2024.

In this month’s issue, a selection of our members review their highlights of 2023 and look ahead to interesting and exciting things that the coming year may bring.

Boon Chye Loh, the WFE Chairman and SGX CEO, highlights the importance of cooperation in building a resilient and solid global ecosystem.

SIX CEO Jos Dijsselhof talks about launching a new joint venture exchange in Asia and his concerns about the impact of ongoing political conflicts.

TMX CEO John McKenzie predicts sustainability will be an important theme this year as regulators work t...

Victoria Powell
CEO Letter

CEO Letter - December 2023

Published: Dec 2023

This month’s CEO letter is written by Victoria Powell, the WFE’s Senior Manager, ESG.

It was a real pleasure to convene our members, policy makers and stakeholders at COP28, reflecting the importance that the WFE and its members place on promoting sustainability. Exchanges are in a truly unique position to support the transition to a sustainable economy, both as they work to support issuers – small and large; and secondly, deepening understanding and expanding transparency for investors of the importance of these issues.

We were honoured to have Tajinder Singh, Deputy Secretary General of IOSC...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter November-2023

Published: Nov 2023

Welcome to the November issue of WFE Focus.

This month we focus on efforts our members around the world are making to address the challenges of climate change ahead of COP28, the United Nations conference on the topic starting Nov. 30.

Sohn Byungdoo, CEO of the Korea Exchange, kicks things off by detailing initiatives to steer financial markets toward a sustainable and resilient future. Gregor Spilker of CME group examines the impact electric vehicles are having on commodity markets worldwide and Laurent Poirot of SGX discusses building a global ecosystem of equities-based climate solutions co...

Nandini Sukumar
CEO Letter

CEO Letter October-2023

Published: Oct 2023

Our October issue is devoted to financial literacy and investor education, which WFE members believe in very strongly. Exchanges and CCPs, WFE members, place investor protection – of which literacy and education are key components – at the heart of the public markets they operate. It’s one of the things that distinguish them from other parts of the system and has become even more important as we are seeing increased participation in financial markets by retail investors and younger people.

In this edition, we hear from nine organisations around the world, starting with IOSCO, as the seventh W...