Unlocking Financial Success: the EGX financial literacy programs

By: Marwa Elbaz, Manager, Marketing & Financial Literacy Department, The Egyptian Exchange Oct 2023

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) believes that empowering people’s financial literacy shapes their future.

We pursue the enhancement of financial knowledge of the public in general and the youth in particular through a series of financial literacy initiatives and programs.

The EGX recently launched its new financial literacy awareness program at the Egyptian coastal city Alamein City. This year, we decided to adopt a new marketing strategy through which The EGX is presented in a new youthful manner.

The EGX had a booth on the beach where the EGX ambassadors communicated and delivered the investment concepts and mechanisms via interactive activities and events. They approached the beach attendees to inform them that the stock market is a competitive investment tool that allows them to hedge for inflation. They also played with them games such as darts and basketball that informed them of the different sectors and companies available on the EGX platform. Through these activities, the audience could know their risk tolerance.

Worth mentioning that “EGX Ambassadors” are selected university students who have passed the EGX financial awareness and TOT programs and have already started investing in the market. We have chosen them to present EGX to the youthful environment and to inform the audience of concepts relevant to the stock market and encourage them to invest part of their money in the capital market.

The EGX was available there for one month together with some of the largest brokerage firms and listed companies in an attempt to bring up a kind of a stock market simulation that includes the respective parties.

Moreover, the EGX distributed daily prizes (Fund certificates) though daily raffles to associate the audience with the stock exchange. The EGX successfully received more than 5,000 potential investors.

Also, as the EGX aims to target the youth through diversified channels, we have tapped their favored communication channel, social media. The EGX management seized the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan when most of the Egyptian young generation watches all the programs on social media to launched a social media campaign through drama videos that promoted investment through three different situations.

The videos ended with a call for action through a website created by the EGX to serve as an informative portal on how to start the investment journey. This campaign successfully reached around 1 million people.

Moreover, the EGX believes in creating opportunities for all the public segments, which is why we have celebrated World Autism Awareness Day for the sixth year in a row, by holding a session for the autistic children. The EGX also lit its historical downtown building in blue as a form of solidarity with autistic people and their families. The EGX staff chose to wear the same color on that day as well.

Finally, as the EGX aims to sustain its financial literacy activities and develop them, the EGX for the fourth consecutive year had participated in the Cairo International Book Fair. However, this year we had introduced new activities.

This year, we had a bigger space to allow more interaction with the target audience and have the chance to invite the brokerage firms to communicate with them as well.

We also introduced this year very interesting and informative comics and stories about investment concepts.

To sum up, EGX believes that we are not only investing in the financial well-being of individuals but also in the overall economic stability and prosperity.


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