Ghana's Youth Investment Educational Campaign

By: Abena Amoah, Managing Director, Ghana Stock Exchange Oct 2023


In today’s world, financial matters are becoming increasingly complex, and the financial space is rapidly evolving, making it more important than ever for individuals to be financially literate. Financial literacy will help individuals and institutions to understand and effectively manage financial matters and assist them in making informed decisions about money and achieving their financial goals.

In view of the above, the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) partnered the Central Securities Depository (CSD) and the Young Investor Network (YIN), a youth-based financial education organisation committed to championing investment and savings education among the youth in secondary and tertiary institutions across the country, to organise an impactful youth investment education program in 2022.


Achieve GSE’s strategic objective of embedding financial literacy and enhancing effective market information dissemination.

Educate students on investment and savings.

Educate students on the operations of the stock exchange and capital markets.

Develop the next generation of investors with a sustainable investor education program.

Expose the students to career options in the capital-market space.

Minimise students’ exposure to fraudulent financial schemes.


The three main programs under the Youth Investment Education Campaign were:

1. Investment Training Tour to Selected Universities

This program is designed to equip ambitious young people with the skills and knowledge to become future business leaders and understand the operations of the Ghana Stock Exchange and capital markets.

2. Stock Pitch Competition for Tertiary Institutions

This competition is essentially a summary of turning a potential investment idea into a stock. Participants should recommend a position that an investor should take in a stock and why.

Participants will pitch a buy, sell, or hold a position on a stock of their choice, based on a stipulated criterion for experienced judges to evaluate the pitch and score them.

3. Capital Market Quiz (Secondary Schools)

This competition is organised for students in Senior High Schools (SHS). This initiative seeks to challenge the students to increase their knowledge of capital markets, entrepreneurship and corporate finance. The objective is to create awareness among students about capital markets and related issues and to encourage their interest in investment and entrepreneurship.


Reached over 5,000 students with the three financial literacy programs.

Visited 37 Tertiary and Secondary Schools across Ghana with our programs.

50 online finance and investment training courses.






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