National Stock Exchange of India Financial Literacy Initiatives

By: Ashishkumar Chauhan, Managing Director & CEO, National Stock Exchange of India Limited Oct 2022

The Indian securities market aims to stimulate India’s growth story by creating investment opportunities, enabling access, and empowering all its stakeholders. To this end, empowering investors through education and awareness is of prime importance for the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and various initiatives are taken throughout the year to achieve these goals.

Leveraging Media Vehicles for Investor Awareness and Protection

The Exchange believes in an impactful approach to target the right audience by spreading the right message across right media channels. NSE proactively takes measures to caution investors to invest diligently in the securities market and spread financial literacy by sending targeted SMS and emails. Certain messages are communicated through radio and newspapers as well. To reach a wider audience, NSE also uses the power of social media to caution investors and spread financial literacy. Given India’s spread, the Exchange sends these messages in English and various regional languages to cater to a diverse set of investors.

Webinars and On-ground Awareness Initiatives in FY 2021-22 

NSE actively conducted 3,800+ investor awareness programs across the country to educate existing, new and potential investors from all strata of the society. During the pandemic, NSE was an early adopter of digital mediums to conduct various investor literacy and educational programs.

NSE started a new initiative for young entrepreneurs/startups, Nurture Your Prosperity (NYP), in collaboration with Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED). Focused awareness sessions were conducted for health workers as a mark of respect for their extraordinary services during the challenging COVID-19 period. The Exchange conducted theme-based workshops, panel discussions, round table conferences with expert speakers, academicians and practitioners on the themes of Sustainable Finance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

World Investor Week 

NSE has been actively participating in the World Investor Week, a week-long, global campaign promoted by IOSCO, to raise awareness regarding the importance of investor education and protection, and to highlight the various initiatives of the securities market regulators. Key messages from the regulator of the securities market in India, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), are accessible on our website.

The Exchange also participates in the Ring the Bell ceremony every year to promote financial literacy. This event is streamed on various social media channels followed by various initiatives to promote financial literacy during the week. The Exchange will make and promote short videos on the key messages in the WIW 2022 cautioning investors to do proper due diligence and make informed investment decisions. There would also be a dedicated page on the NSE website and a video wall on NSE premises for the WIW which promotes all activities during the WIW 2022.

The various initiatives taken by NSE would enable investors to invest safely in securities market.

Long-term investments in financial markets backed by appropriate knowledge and skill set can pivot and propel investors with opportunities to strengthen their financial well-being.


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