May 2017 Market Highlights: Bonds

By: The WFE Research Team Jun 2017

This article looks at the number of bonds listed in May 2017 and the capital raised by bond issuance (USD billions) over the January to May 2017 period. There were just under 1.5 million bonds listed on WFE reporting exchanges as at the end of May 2017. This figure is slightly up on 2016 (0.7%).

In the EMEA region, which accounted for the majority (68%) of the total listings in May 2017, the number of bonds listed was down 3.6% on 2016. In the Asia-Pacific region, which accounted for 28% of the total listings in 2017, the number of bonds listed as of May 2017 was up 13.4% on May 2016. Finally, in the Americas, which accounts for 4% of the total bond listings, the total number of bonds listed on these exchanges in May 2017 was slightly down (1.1%) on May 2016.

Regional Shares in May 2017


Number of bonds listed by region


Of the total listed bonds, foreign bonds account for the majority, followed by domestic private sector bonds and domestic public-sector bonds respectively. LSE Group, Korea Exchange, BSE India, Nasdaq Nordic and Euronext accounted for the majority of the domestic private listed bonds. The largest exchanges in terms of number of listings in the domestic public listed bonds segment were Korea Exchange, NSE India, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Luzembourg Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange and LSE Group meanwhile accounted for over 90% of the foreign bond listings reported to the WFE in May 2017.

Number of Bonds listed by sector


Share of bonds listed by exchange


Capital raised through Bond issuance (USD billions)


The total capital raised through bond issuance between January to May 2017 was $1.82 trillion. This figure is up nearly 12.4% on the same period in 2016, despite a 2.7% decline in value issued in EMEA ($1.01 trillion as opposed to $1.04 trillion January – May 2016). In the Asia-Pacific region, the $753.6 billion raised in the first five months of 2017 is the largest amount raised in the five year period under review. This is similarly the case for the $57.5 billion raised in the Americas between January to May 2017.

Investment flows – Capital raised by bond issuance (January to May 2017)

% change on Jan–May 2012 Jan–May 2013 Jan–May 2014 Jan-May 2015 Jan-May 2016
Americas 301.6% 184.8% 152.6% 169.6% 30.8%
Asia-Pacific 55.1% 46.3% 37.5% 30.6% 39.9%
EMEA -36.7% -8.5% -20.2% 4.0% -2.7%
Total -13.1% 11.1% -0.8% 16.0% 12.4%

Please refer to WFE monthly statistics reports to view complete list of exchanges whose data has been extracted for this analysis.