Q&A with Min Suk Lee, Senior Manager, International Relations, Korea Exchange

By: The WFE Focus Team Dec 2016

We hear from Min Suk Lee about his secondment experience at the WFE.

Please tell us about your secondment to the WFE – how long were you there for? What was the role you undertook?

I was seconded to the WFE Office in London from May 2014 to December 2015. Initially my prime role was to facilitate the dialogue between the WFE Office and Korea Exchange (KRX) with regard to preparations around the 2014 WFE General Assembly & Annual Meeting which took place in Seoul.

Afterwards my role expanded to include supporting the office and launching a new website right through to producing agendas for WFE meetings. I was not afraid to take up any task to make things happen and help members of the office be successful.

How easy were the practical aspects of the secondment, such as renting accommodation, and finding your way around a new city and country?

I had almost no difficulties in terms of settling in except for one thing, which was opening up a bank account. It was a challenging experience for me, but once the debit card was issued everything went smoothly afterwards!

Much to my surprise London turned out to be a fairly global city which has an efficient public transportation system. I was able to rent an affordable place where I could commute conveniently. Londoners welcomed me in most places. And moreover my family was warmly received by the local community.

And how did you adjust to a new culture?

I’m not sure that I needed to go through a process of adjustment, to be honest. With the WFE Office’s support, London life was kind to me and I had no choice but to feel affectionately towards the city. If I may, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Nandini, Grégoire, Antoinette, Axel and Tatiana for their kind support during my stay there. Owing to them I was able to stay curious and energetic.

What did you get out of your experience of being seconded to the WFE?

Firstly, my perspective towards the industry shifted. I came from a country where a regulated exchange enjoyed a monopoly status hence competition for liquidity was of lesser concern. And being exposed to the external factors which affect the global exchange community helped me gain a better understanding of varied growth strategies implemented by leading exchanges.

Secondly, my attitude towards work also changed. Nandini is a great leader and was an inspiring coach. The whole experience was a good opportunity to become a better potential leader myself.

And lastly, I met some dearest friends whom I respect and love.

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