pTools Launches LEILex Affiliate Initiative for WFE Members Worldwide

By: Tom Skinner and Suraj Pandey, Managing Director of pTools Software and Founder of LEILex, and Strategic Account Manager, pTools Software and LEILex, pTools May 2024

pTools Software, the provider of market information AI and automation solutions to leading exchanges, is delighted to announce the launch of the LEILex Affiliate initiative in partnership with LSEG – London Stock Exchange Group. The LEILex Affiliate initiative underscores pTools’ achievement in recent years in ensuring efficient issuance of LEIs by exchanges and LOUs worldwide.

Key features of pTools’ LEILex Affiliate initiative include:

  • Rapid onboarding for exchanges and provision of LEIs in own-branded portal
  • Worldwide LEI issuance
  • Optional additional data
  • Built-in data security and sanctions screening
  • Future LOU and vLEI development path
  • End-to-end solutions managed service and support

The rapid onboarding and provision of LEIs enables exchanges to gain LEI regulation and control within their business ecosystems and territories. LEILex sits under the exchange own-brand LEI provision environment; enhancing the exchange online presence. Even though exchanges are set in individual countries, LEILex enables them to issue LEIs to any entity worldwide and as such to further represent entities from the territories that are trading globally. LEILex enables exchanges to gain additional data relating to territorial regulatory oversight for national and multinational firms operating in the environment. LEILex comes with built-in KYC, AML and sanctions screening functionality that further enhances data quality and the integrity of individual exchange relationships via LEI issuance. LEILex Affiliates are by definition increasingly well prepared for application for LOU status or approval for vLEI issuance and this essential consulting service is also available. LEILex provides an end-to-end solution that provides Affiliates with managed hosted services, data and payment integration and reconciliation, reporting and promotion of LEI within their territory.

The LEILex Affiliate initiative enables any exchange or CCP to issue LEIs worldwide. LEILex ensures Affiliate exchanges and CCPs meet their compliance requirements for LEI processing as mandated by GLEIF. These requirements and mandates are otherwise complex, time-consuming and resource intensive.

The most remarkable advantage of becoming a LEILex Affiliate is the swiftness with which Exchange Affiliates can commence issuing LEIs. Not only is this option cost-effective, mitigating the need for substantial IT/infrastructure investments and staffing expenditures, but for Exchange Affiliates it removes the burdensome complexities of persistent data reporting and other regulatory mandates. LEILex will ensure that all such matters are handled via the preferred LOU allowing clients to focus solely on the issuance of LEIs to client entities within the exchange or CCP ecosystem.

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is part of a global matrix of referencing and numbering systems that underpin accuracy and trust in market information for exchanges, CCPs and related entities. Adoption of these numbering systems including LEI, ISIN, CUSIP, FISN and CFI, enforces equivalence between markets, regardless of location or market maturity. In particular, LEI allows firms in an emerging market to represent their legal identity as equivalent to firms in major markets. Specifically, the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) comprises a 20-character alphanumeric code, adhering to the ISO 17442 standard formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This code serves as a crucial link to essential reference details, facilitating a distinctive identification of legal entities participating in financial activities. Embedded within each LEI is a comprehensive ownership structure data that clarifies the question of 'who is who' and 'who owns whom'.

To make the most of entity identification benefits in financial markets and beyond, countries and exchanges must make it easy for LEIs to be issued. This contributes to overall global economic development and greater acceptance of a country’s global financial market participation. The LEILex Affiliate initiative marks a significant advance in cultivating a secure financial market ecosystem while emphasising the vital role and urgency of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) within the industry. Through this initiative, LEILex aims to streamline the understanding and adoption of LEIs across all exchanges and CCPs, facilitating a seamless transition to this essential framework. Already, the LEILex Affiliate program has gained significant attention underscoring the importance and impact of LEI issuance within the global financial system. This also underscores the recognition of pTools as a provider of LEI issuance solutions at all levels; enhancing transparency, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance across the global financial landscape.

pTools focuses on market information software solutions for exchanges in the areas of ISIN and LEI issuance, corporate actions and announcement publication, listing and ESG. pTools’ core underlying capability is in risk mitigation technology, with pTools solutions now available in a SaaS deployment model. The latest release of the LEILex Affiliate LEI Issuance solution for exchanges and CCPs is provided in conjunction with pTools’ partner, LSEG. LEILex represents an immediate opportunity for any exchange to manage, maintain and issue LEIs for its territory and client entities.

pTools is a leading provider of market information services for stock exchanges and related organisations including; LOUs, NNAs, CSDs, CCPs and central banks. pTools provides packaged software, bespoke solutions, outsourced and support services for applications including LEI and ISIN issuance, corporate actions and announcements, sanctions screening and ESG validation, asset tokenisation and listing. With offices in Dublin, London and Bangalore, pTools’ clients include LSEG, Qatar Central Bank and Strate South Africa. pTools works across technologies with specific capability in AI and NLP, blockchain and notarisation, digital risk mitigation/scoring and data quality management. pTools delivers solutions on-Premise, on-Cloud, and as-a-Service. pTools is a long-term partner of the World Federation of Exchanges and has additional partnerships with global technology providers IBM, AWS, Microsoft and global eLearning provider Intuition.

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