Social value of exchanges: watch latest WFE video

By: The WFE Focus Team Sep 2017

The latest WFE video, first shown at the 57th WFE Annual Meeting in Bangkok in early September, is focused on the social value of stock exchanges, and explores the ways in which an exchange can contribute to the society and real economy around it.

The video features:

  • Terry Duffy, Chairman & CEO, CME GROUP
  • Loh Boon Chye, CEO, SGX
  • Kesara Manchusree, President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • Arunma Oteh, Treasurer, The World Bank
  • Oscar Onyema, CEO, The Nigerian Stock Exchange

The video also features a voiceover from Nandini Sukumar, CEO, The WFE.

The WFE would like to thank all the participants who took part, as well as video production company Somersault.