CEO Letter - March 2024

By: Nandini Sukumar, CEO, The WFE Mar 2024

Welcome to the WFE’s Women Leaders 2024 edition of Focus. In this fourth year of the WFE initiative, we had 50 great nominations, all shattering the glass ceiling, as our industry put forward leaders from emerging and developed markets from all around the world.

All of the nominees are tremendous and gifted leaders: inspirational, intelligent, hardworking, versatile, compassionate and blessed with determination, perseverance and grit. To all the women who made the list this year—well done. The choices were our toughest ones yet, and to those who didn’t make the final cut – please don’t be deterred. Come forward again next year!

Each individual story is different and fascinating to read, and all of them carry an inspirational message of hope for young women who are rising now and those who will come after them. They also offer a profound message of gratitude to their families and mentors, often male as well as female. 

We are so proud of you and the leaders you have become. Keep fighting the good fight—there is still so much to achieve. Thanks and see you again next month.

Nandini Sukumar
Chief Executive Officer