Froukelien Wendt

A Regulator’s Perspective on Anti-Procyclicality Measures for CCPs

Published: Jun 2021
CCPs in the EU remained resilient during the pandemic crisis. ESMA will now analyse what lessons can be learned from the crisis in 2020 and how its APC measures may be developed to further enhance CCPs’ resilience in handling potential future stress events, says Froukelien Wendt, member of the CCP Supervisory Committee at the European Securities and Markets Authority.
Douglas Yones

The ETF Boom is Here to Stay

Published: Jun 2021
The recent boom in ETFs is unlikely to end any time soon. Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange-Traded Products at NYSE, explains why.
Alexander Schindler

The Preservation of Trust: COVID-19 and its Impact on Financial Markets

Published: Jun 2021
2020 was an exceptional year that triggered exceptional measures by authorities. Alexander Schindler, Member of the Executive Board of Union Investment, offers his perspective on the lessons learned and future challenges to the financial industry.
David Howson

Cboe’s Global Credentials and Growing the European Derivatives Market

Published: Jun 2021
Cboe is making its vision of pan-European derivatives a reality, delivering much-anticipated enhancements, efficiencies, and opportunities to the European market, writes David Howson, the exchange operator's President Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Monthly Insights

Analysing trends in the number of listings, listed companies and investment flows

Published: Jun 2021
Mihaela Croitoru, Statistics Database Manager at the WFE, writes about listed companies, IPOs and investment flows
Chris Edmonds and Ashwini Panse

The Importance of 'Skin-in-the-Game' in Managing CCP Risk

Published: Apr 2021
Is there value to a second 'Skin-in-the-Game'? Would raising it lead to more prudent Initial Margin Models? ICE's Chris Edmonds (Global Head of Clearing & Risk) and Ashwini Panse (Chief Risk Officer, North American Clearing Houses) give their views on the current CCP hot topics.
Urs Rüegsegger

Derivatives & Society: Governing Risk in the Post-Pandemic Era

Published: Apr 2021
WFE Chairman Urs Rüegsegger highlighted the challenges that lie ahead for derivatives markets In his keynote address at the recent Clearing & Derivatives Conference.