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Imandra is a fully independent AI company specialising in ‘automated logical reasoning’ which optimises productivity and operational resilience in critical financial systems.

The ‘reasoning-as-a-service’ that Imandra provides empowers people within organisations to make changes to their financial infrastructure with the piece of mind that comes from predictability, unlocking innovation and enhancing revenues.

By using Imandra, business and infrastructure transformations become easier to undertake with more certain performance outcomes.  With Imandra, newly designed, updated or replatformed systems come to market more quickly, more cost-effectively and the areas of operations which have been verified by Imandra, are error-free. 

Financial institutions can be confident in their system accuracy, security and operational excellence.

Today, Imandra’s platform supervises the technology underpinning almost 25% of all European equities trading volume and it is set to grow even further.