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R3 is a leading enterprise technology firm specialising in digital solutions for regulated financial markets. Our technology enables financial markets to operate with greater efficiency, transparency and enhanced connectivity.

Our focus is on fostering an open, trusted and enduring digital economy. We recognise the critical role of trust in financial and governmental institutions' interactions and collaborations with each other, and importantly their customers. Our deep industry expertise and vision for interoperability is set to enhance connectivity within financial markets, driving greater efficiency and effectiveness across the industry. 

As one of the first open, permissioned tokenization platforms, our Corda platform empowers regulated institutions to realize the full potential of direct digital collaboration to solve complex multi-party workflows. We maintain one of the largest DLT ecosystems in the world, connecting over 400 institutions, including global systems integrators, cloud providers, technology firms, software vendors, corporations, regulators, and financial services firms from the public and private sectors. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.