CEO Letter October-2023

By: Nandini Sukumar, CEO, The World Federation of Exchanges Oct 2023

Our October issue is devoted to financial literacy and investor education, which WFE members believe in very strongly. Exchanges and CCPs, WFE members, place investor protection – of which literacy and education are key components – at the heart of the public markets they operate. It’s one of the things that distinguish them from other parts of the system and has become even more important as we are seeing increased participation in financial markets by retail investors and younger people.

In this edition, we hear from nine organisations around the world, starting with IOSCO, as the seventh World Investor Week begins.

The WFE works at length to support IOSCO’s investor protection mandate and organises the global Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy as part of this. Pasquale Munafo, Chair of IOSCO’s Committee 8, discusses financial education programs and improving investor protections and how they fit into the regulatory toolkit.

Banu Budayoğlu Yılmaz, Strategic Planning Manager at Borsa Istanbul, writes on how to educate the younger generation of investors as Türkiye celebrates a major anniversary.

Clifford Akpolo, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at the Nigerian Exchange, also looks at education for younger investors and talks about how to empower marginalised communities.

Staying in West Africa, Abena Amoah, CEO of the Ghana Stock Exchange, highlights its education programs for school children and students.

Gina DeRaimo, Head of the Options Institute at Cboe Global Markets, talks about its mission to educate people and make financial markets more accessible.

Sherman Lin, Chairman of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, writes about this week’s ‘2023 WIW Forum’ in Taipei, with the focus on resilience, digital trends and sustainability.

Marwa Elbaz, Manager of the Marketing and Financial Literacy Department at the Egyptian Exchange, presents its thoughtful and innovative education initiatives and programs.

The National Stock Exchange of India showcases its extensive financial education initiatives, which seek to reach ordinary people in every corner of the country.

And Bursa Malaysia talks about its new ‘Burmon Trader’ game that seeks to plant the seeds of financial literacy into young minds. 

See you next month for more.  


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