Wu Qing

Innovate to lead, cooperate to build

Published: Sep 2017
On 7 September 2017, Mr WU Qing was elected Chairman of the WFE, and here he writes about how we can all work together to make our industry greater.
Ramon Monzon

Interview with Ramon Monzon, President & CEO, Philippine Stock Exchange

Published: Aug 2017
We interview Mr Monzon, following his recent appointment to the role of President & CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).
Nicky Newton-King

Video interview with Nicky Newton-King, CEO, JSE

Published: Jun 2017
On the sidelines of the WFE WoCo Meeting, JSE CEO and WFE Board Director Nicky Newton-King took some time to speak with Jim Kharouf, Editor of John Lothian News, about making the JSE a global player.
Paul Andrews

Q&A with Paul Andrews, Secretary General, IOSCO

Published: May 2017
We hear from Paul Andrews following the 42nd IOSCO Annual Conference, which took place earlier in May.
Kristina Jeromin

Interview with Kristina Jeromin, Head of Group Sustainability, Deutsche Börse AG

Published: May 2017
Kristina Jeromin tells us about the recent launch of a Sustainable Finance Initiative.
Eric Müller

Interview with Eric Müller, CEO, Eurex Clearing AG

Published: Apr 2017
Following last week’s WFE IOMA conference, Eric Müller shares his viewpoints on the clearing and derivatives landscape.
Edemir Pinto

Q&A with Edemir Pinto, CEO, B3

Published: Mar 2017
We hear from Edemir Pinto about the creation of B3 - the combination of BM&FBOVESPA and CETIP - before he hands the reins to a new CEO in May 2017.
William J. Brodsky

William J. Brodsky, Chairman, CBOE Holdings & Working Committee Chairman, WFE

Published: Feb 2017
The WFE spoke to Mr Brodsky on the eve of his retirement from CBOE and the WFE.

Comments from Mr Brodsky's friends, colleagues & peers

Published: Feb 2017
We hear from some of Mr Brodsky’s friends, colleagues and peers on the eve of his retirement from CBOE and the WFE.