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    IOSCO Targets Crypto-Asset Regulation

    Tajinder Singh
    Deputy Secretary General, IOSCO
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    Editor's Pick

    IESBA's Plans for Sustainability Reporting

    Published: Nov 2022
    In her keynote speech at the WFE’s Annual Meeting in Malta, IESBA Chairwoman Gabriela Figueiredo Dias addressed sustainability from the perspective of a standard setter for professional accountants.
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    Summer K. Mersinger

    A Field of Dreams

    Published: Nov 2022
    The exchanges and clearinghouses from around the world that have come together to address shared challenges, risks, and opportunities, must pull in a common direction for success. Yes, some of you may be competitors individually, but collectively, you are united in the common goals of maintaining liquid, vibrant, and resilient markets under the protections of best practices and industry standards to transition those markets safely into the future.
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